Kitty Support

Kitty support available for startups

Additionally, together with our partners, we have set aside a kitty available to support startups starting in either the tech or gaming industry. Through our kitty, the startups get the financial boost they need. They also enter our mentoring program and get advice from experts. The kitty has partners from several firms, so we have a lot of mentors and firms looking to support other startups. Additionally, we also have links to angel investors who are always in search of impressive projects they can be part of.

As a gaming firm, we have been in the industry for quite some time, and through our years of operation, we have seen the tide changing from brick and motor systems to technology solutions. As stakeholders embrace technology, they are not only making the delivery of our services easier but are also cutting down on our overall operation cost. Additionally, we will be streamlining our operations and stand to gain from features that come with blockchain technology, but that’s not all customers will also benefit.

The underlying technology powering Bitcoin comes with better security, faster speeds, it’s reliable and can store data securely. Blockchain technology runs on a distributed ledger that comes with the features mentioned above in addition to others. Now we can quickly and easily secure all our customer’s data, their payments and ensure no one has access to their data. Similarly, the blockchain ledger assures we have direct and easy access to our customer’s data.

As we commence on revamping and upgrading our gaming systems, we are more than happy that we aren’t taking this path alone. Since we share the same ideology with our partners, it works in our favor, but at the same time, the sector as a whole is benefiting. However, at the same time, the initiative is helping grow the industry as a whole. In the end, our customers stand to gain since these services are aimed at them, and having reliable partners to work with means better services. Streamlining of the sector will also translate to a competitive market, which still translates to customers getting better services. The technology is the best is it can be customized to satisfy the needs of the gaming industry.

Similarly, technology is also unearthing different business models and new products as it opens up the gaming sector for more investments. In all cases, customers stand to gain since all changes and investments are geared at giving them the best at any point. However, on the other hand, stakeholders also benefit since opening up the industry brings out investment opportunities available across the sector.

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