About us

About us

The gaming industry is an industry full of opportunities, but the sector requires a competent firm ready to harness these opportunities. Among firms that have moved in to cash on the sector include Pc net com running under pcnetcom.net.

As a rebranded company, having been in the sector for the last ten years means Pc net com possess the skills and knowledge of the industry but now has chartered a new map for its gaming firm after rebranding. In the last few years, technology advancements have changed the gaming sector leading to stakeholders having to up their game to benefit from the advancements in technology. As such, Pc net com rebranded, replaced some of its operations, partnered with other firms, and now are focusing on leveraging technology to create new business models.

Through rebranding, as Pc net com, we are now on a new domain, and currently, all our businesses go through pcnetcom.net. However, pcnetcom.net also has subsidiaries under its firm and also teamed up with other tech firms leveraging technology to revolutionize the gaming industry. Despite all the above, our gaming centers are still up and running. In the game centers, we have different live casino games. The latter consists of new and old games that were previously available at our gaming center. We have several gaming centers under Pc net com across the city but are working on putting up a new customer-oriented mega gaming center.

Our New Partners

In a bid to revolutionize how we do our businesses, we saw the need to team up with other stakeholders and work on leveraging new and emerging technologies to change how we do business. Some of the technologies we are researching on with our partners include artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, among others. Our new partners have come on board with the various partnerships leading to us getting more games in our gaming centers.

For a start, we have been able to bring on board Esc Online, BGO casino online, Royal Vegas Casino, Loyal casino, and Betsson. The latter have different partnerships, and their networks will come in handy at complementing our business model. However, we are working on getting more partners on board. Besides that, we are also working on deals to team up with tech firms in the crypto industry to add digital currencies as a mode of payment.

New Partners coming with Numerous Benefits for our Customers

As we spread our wings, build new relationships, and venture off into different industries, we still hold our esteemed customers as our number one clients hence the new partnerships. Through our new partners, we are giving you our number one client a chance to win big from the games you play at our gaming centers. New games coming to our gaming centers will have various benefits in the form of different packages, such as online casino bonuses. The packages are different since our partners have different offers. Apart from the online casino bonus, there are special offers for new players, while old players have VIP groups available.

While games such as roulettes and bingo can be played online without visiting our gaming centers, at Pc net com, our gaming centers have additional benefits. On rare occasions, we have open bar gaming sessions with winners walking out with huge prize money and can cash out after winning. The latter sessions are invite-only with lucky VIP members getting invites for such gaming sessions. Visit here also Bet 365 casino at the Onlinecasinoplatz.com.

Similarly, together with our partners, we have agreed to create new and intriguing gaming sessions, with participates being our loyal customers.

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