Mega Gaming Centre

New Mega Gaming Center under Development

At the moment, our gaming centers are small and scattered across cities, but rebranding and having new partners means we have a blank canvass to reinvent our business models. With partners ready to provide games, we decided to create a mega gaming center that will host all games from our partners. However, the gaming center will also be providing space for startups looking to enter the gaming industry or any tech company looking for a working area.

In addition to providing space for stakeholders in the tech world, the mega gaming center will also have our research center where all innovations centered at revolutionizing the gaming industry will take place. The research center will contain all works on integrating blockchain technology to run operations at the mega gaming center. Similarly, part of our team will be working with other

tech firms to add Bitcoin and the likes as a mode of payment in the various platforms.

Our partners also have online gaming platforms, but we have agreed to work on making cryptocurrencies available on every platform. We are also working on creating a subsidiary that will process the cryptocurrencies recived into fiat money once it’s in our hands. The latter means we have ventured off into other industries.

Mega Gaming Center to Be an All Round Center Catering to All

We are also working on incorporating other different gaming adventures in the mega gaming center. For the latter task, we have hived off a large section of the land where the gaming center will be and will be putting up other games. The section will contain other gaming activities such as indoor games, water-based games, rock climbing, kids section with a water park, swimming pool, and many more. Different competitions meant for kids of all ages will also be available to help get kids out of their rooms. Bike riding sessions and skating will also be available. We also have a fully equipped gym open at the center.

Giving back to the Society

While we are all for gaming and are oriented at providing gamers the best gaming experience at our gaming centers, we also value your health and have a program aimed at helping players suffering from addiction. Addiction is a disease that affects people who are struggling with any form of addiction. Together with our partners, we created an association whose goal is to help people gambling addiction or any other type of addiction.

At our association, we take things to the next level and will take care of you on an individual basis. We have all the experts who will take care of you without discrimination. We accept patients from many walks of life and are more than ready to help. We also have the branches available in different places across town to ensure you our esteem customer can reach out to us quickly in case of any challenges.

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